released July 10, 2017

All music and lyrics by N
Vocals by N. Onfray
Drum session by Jonathan Heredia
Vocals on "Nefasto Calvario" by Frozen

Mixed and mastered by Simon Da Silva |
Vocals recorded at Rubicon Studios

Art by Fabio Rincones

Released by Sun & Moon Records
Digipack with 12 page booklet



all rights reserved



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Track Name: ...Of Solitary Ramblings
In this unstoppable dissemination of angst
this emancipation of the existential descent
weak minds must demise
I’m repelling the light
repudiating colors and faith
where the love of thousands has no value
in the eviction of all senseless lives
trying to avoid decrepitude
I isolate from others
longing the imminent decline
for those who want to see the birth of a new world
which I don’t want to be part of
a world I don’t belong
I see how all glimmer of sanity fades before my eyes
I dematerialize into another level of suffering
I discover my true instinct
my own essence, my own spirit, my own mission
which is none other than anguish
I can’t see anything in anyone’s reflection
and even in anything else...
Track Name: Visions Of Mankind Withering
I had a vision in my dreams
and an overwhelming desire to see it fulfilled
it covers me with a blanket of agony
I see their flesh evaporating in pain
and I rejoice before their sorrow
I see their faces melting
beholding their suffering and death
may no one understand this hatred
this illness and uncontrollable desire
to see them leave this plane in the most hideous of ways
y que este fuego corrompa, execre, consuma...
I see fire consuming them
and this doesn’t come from earth
it comes from inside, devouring them...
I feel pulsations from the indomitable, from the intangible
which end this detritus
there are thousand reasons to hate
that is my desideratum
my great yearning...
Track Name: Instrument Of My Own Destruction
In a raging abhorrence of breathing
and seeing the daylight
amidst these walls I’m lifeless
slowly giving in to the famine of my soul
this worn out mind vanishes
nothing can satisfies, nothing can fill it
I watch the void I have inside
beholding while it devours me
I have come to the place
where sorrow voids all kindness
all joy, all pleasure
I turn into an instrument of my own destruction
it is a witness of my decline
everyone can see disgrace in me
a smile can’t be drawn in a surly face
that has come from nowhere
and it goes nowhere
thus I entrust myself to the void
to despair...
Track Name: Wandering Through Grief
The smell, of wet soil, carries my mind to a distant place
to a dark moment of my existence
lying in dust, while a stone is forming in the way
hiding me from myself, burning my hands and clouding my vision
overwhelmed by frustration and apathy, digging in the dirt
Through grief I wander, walking among emotional ends
in an endless lethargy, misfortune is the cornerstone of my agony
ever-present, omnipresent
all this life is an oppressive place...
as walking among shtrobs towards nothingness
smothering, meaningless
somberly suffocating...
in a total lack of sanity, in a total rejection
it’s a tortuous stretch, a ciclic gloom
a desolate path among sad meditations
a vicious circle with no way out
Track Name: Despised And Forgotten
They have trampled his dignity on his knees before others
passing through roads already conquered
those who, like the saddest sheep
live as automata
will be despised and forgotten!
like their mentor, their so-called benefactor
who has only left them hunger and sorrow
those who pass through this world
like scattered waste, turn into ashes
like scattered waste, turn into ashes!
despised and forgotten!
with no regret for the lack of virtue
and the excess of sin
may this invade all hearts
making them feel free and cursed
with no yearn for protection!
Track Name: Nefasto Calvario
ultrajados y humillados quienes yacen en medio de este árido suelo
despojados y derrotados moraran quienes sucumben
escarbanbo como ratas
añorando compasión, ansiando milagros
por culpa de una sofocante existencia
en un camino forjado por privaciones
descendiendo hacia un vacío infinito
un orgullo superfluo
es una afrenta moral
luchando por simples migajas
un decadente lindero
erige la cuna de la ignorancia
no existe penitencia
no hay absolución posible
para este nefasto calvario
que se opone a la dignidad
que niega, que oprime la propia vida...